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Why aren't you on Facebook anymore?

We were on Facebook for a long time, and we've been frustrated with Facebook for just as long. Recently, Facebook has gotten SO offensive, SO controlling, and SO antisocial that we just couldn't put up with them anymore.

I'll explain what happened in just a minute, but I wanted to let you know that this particular tab of the MetrOasis website will be where we post news and new information that you may want to be aware of INSTEAD of Facebook and/or any "Meta" holdings. They ALL stink.


Screenshot 2023-03-11 at 2.48.28 PM.png

I complained to Facebook that the photo above with a cop's head being cut off offended me, but that didn't violate Facebook's "community standards".


So, the really ironic thing about this is that Facebook restricted my account and deleted a photo of victims being led to gas chambers as "nudity" which was in actuality a historic photo that can be seen in ANY Holocaust museum.  


In the meantime, I have been reporting porn over and over to Facebook that Facebook inserted into my video feed over and over, more than sixty times but these didn't violate Facebook's "community standards", but it violates MY community standards and it was supposed to be MY Facebook account. These were not "risqué" videos or merely suggestive videos, these were unmistakenly hard-core porn videos! I reported this over 60 times to Facebook in just one month!

Facebook's response to my complains was to restrict my account for daring to complain about Facebook violating their own PUBLISHED Facebook "community standards". So, I figured out what Facebook community standards really are... If Facebook gets PAID then it doesn't violate community standards regardless of how sleazy the post is, but if they don't get paid, then that's really offensive to Facebook.

So, here we are. Facebook is FIRED this is where we will be posting new information, news, specials, etc. (Franz Sigel Shroy copyright 2023)

Screenshot 2023-03-11 at 3.16.24 PM.png

Hello Paris & Venice!

We'll be heading to Paris in July for a product photoshoot and a fragrance development class and then to Venice for a product photoshoot.

We are excited to revisit two of our favorite cities as our last three trips were canceled for Covid and/or complications that started with Covid. If we survive the current riots we have a lot to offer when we return. We'll do some additional training at both locations but we're still working on the details. We'll keep you posted here.  (Franz Sigel Shroy copyright 2023)


Banking... Maybe? Maybe not?

I've been banking since I was about 11 years old. I've known what a dog is since I was about two years old. Pretty basic right? I never felt like I needed to research any new developments relating to the basic understanding and/or operations of either banks or dogs. Boy was I wrong! Apparently, a lot of stuff has changed, and not for the better!

Everyone heard about "bail-outs" during the stock crash and the banking fiascos around 2008 +/- a couple of years. Well, even though dogs didn't change, banks got weird. So, ALL of us bailed out fraudulent banks with our taxes. OK, so MOST of us bailed out fraudulent banks with our taxes, and lots and lots of people don't even pay taxes.


Well, I've heard of a new term I never heard of before. "Bail-ins" is what they call this new trick of stealing our money.


Now, instead of the government giving money to banks so they can stay in business and continue their fraudulent activities, and then charging us for that bail-out via our taxes, now, the banks can just steal our money if they think they're on the verge of going out of business. WHAT?


Sounds crazy huh? I checked out. It's true, and, it's even happened before. A few times. 

"A bank can legally confiscate its clients' money in the event it needs to stay afloat, and most retail investors are not aware of this, said Lynette Zang, Chief Marketing Analyst at ITM Trading, who stressed that such legislation is already codified in the Dodd-Frank Act."

The (linked) article (and many others) states that most of the general public doesn't even know about this situation. Isn't it weird that I never heard of this before? Have YOU? What is even worse is that they don't intend to tell us about this either!

"They're laughing at us," she said. "[They're saying that] normal retail clients don't need to understand that there's really no money in the FDIC deposit insurance fund, and they should be expected to be bailed in."

Now, how should we be expected to be "bailed in" when we don't even know about this, and that the banks don't even want to tell us this in the first place? Check this out...

Zang pointed to Cyprus as an example of a "bail-in." In 2013, the Mediterranean country faced a banking crisis and sought help from the European Union and International Monetary Fund. As part of the bailout package, the EU and IMF insisted that Cyprus use depositors' funds to rescue banks; almost 7 percent of insured deposits, up to €100,000, were taxed. Withdrawals were also capped.

"The normal person in Cyprus did not have access to their money until 2015, other than a little bit every day," said Zang. "The French and German banks got out [of the country] before the bail-in, leaving the average person, who is just about the right size to fail, in the system and bailing in their money."

Concerned yet? This isn't all. I also found out about "The Right of Offset". What the heck is THAT? Well, it's a thing.

"Generally, a bank may take money from your deposit account to make a payment on a separate debt that you owe to the bank, such as a car loan, if you are not paying that loan on time and the terms of your contract(s) with the bank allow it. This is called the right of offset."

That mattress or that jar buried in the backyard is looking pretty good right about now, huh? While you're checking out the links read about what happened in Cyprus. When you're done, do a search on what happened to the customers of Silicon Valley Bank, and then what happened to other banking customers around the world. Want closer to home? Watch how the police stole a retired Marine's entire retirement nest egg even though he had receipts for every single dollar right HERE.

How are we doing regarding these issues here in Alaska? Pretty sucky! (Franz Sigel Shroy copyright 2023)


I uploaded a bus decorated like a pig, that violated Facebook polieies. I spoke of the evils of Hitler and the Nazis and uploaded a photo of people being let to the gas chambers. Facebook decided that I was trying to upload nudity.

Our School is Licensed! 

Our School is Licensed! 


Our Salon is Licensed! 


Our Staff is Licensed! 

Licensed or unlicensed_ Unlicensed..jpg


There are NO online hairdressing and/or esthetician training programs in the US that will provide you with the credentials that you need to secure your professional license.

Don't fall for the scam and get ripped off!

There are some real "fly-by-night" operations at work to steal

your money and to waste your time!

Don't get conned by these dishonest people

and/or dishonest businesses!

They either use fake names, alias names or simply ignore the law and open up their business without getting

the proper licensing and other credentials to run an honest business.

Guess who ends up paying

for this dishonest activity?

You do!

Check Out the Schools Approved by the Commission on PostSecondary Education Approved School Lise HERE.

Check Out the Schools Licensed by the

Alaska Board of 

Barbers and Hairdressers


The little things can tell you a lot about an organization.

I've seen the certificates that some of the other schools give their graduates. Gotta say, I'm not impressed. Simply buying some certificate stock at the office supply and typing or writing a person's name on the generic certificate is very unsatisfying. It's also not very creative, or thoughtful, or actually much of anything, except lazy.

We decided to be different. It's just kind of what we do naturally anyway. We created some vintage travel stickers and added the very services our students learn to master instead of geographical locations.


Since the somewhat recent shenanigans started with another school-ish kind of place in town that had people trying to get into our program with fake names, fake test results, etc, and with nefarious histories, etc., we started including sequential hologram security stickers on each certificate to make forging them more difficult. We also use a six color heat-embossed wax seal on each certificate as well as a pressure-embossed seal.

Our students work very hard gaining their credentials and I believe that the symbol of their successful efforts and the completion of their program should have a little something extra. In fact, I believe it should have numerous something extras.

Yes, this costs more, takes a bit of thought and some effort, but we like doing everything very well and not just fast or cheap or without thought.

Screen Shot 2022-10-22 at 10.35.35 AM.png

It's come to our attention that not everybody knows that we include our Alaska 12 Hour Nail Class for free with our Hairdresser and Esthetician programs. Yes, FREE!

We just kind of thought that everybody knew this but apparently this was not the case so we're posting this information here. Now you know.

So, we're the only school that includes a multifunction esthetician with your student kit, we're the only school that teaches you to formulate products from scratch, and we're the school that includes the 12 Hour Nail Class with our other programs. Yes... I KNOW! 

Who's your beauty school NOW?

Screen Shot 2022-05-05 at 11.26.20 AM.png
Screen Shot 2022-05-05 at 11.25.11 AM.png
Screen Shot 2022-05-05 at 11.23.32 AM.png
Screen Shot 2022-05-05 at 11.25.33 AM.png
Screen Shot 2022-05-05 at 11.23.55 AM.png
Screen Shot 2022-05-05 at 11.25.57 AM.png
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