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(Water Oxygen Jetpeel)

This hydro-microdermabrasion operates on 110 volts and has a standard US plug. Because this is an electrical device that also uses water, you must focus on your actions and follow these instructions carefully.


You will NOT be able to use this machine until you have been instructed on its use and passed the HydroDermabrasion Certification Exam. Period.


This machine provides an intermediate level of microdermabrasion and both the operation and the results are different from just the Diamond Microdermabrasion devices.


This machine can be used on its own or it can be combined with other devices to provide a much fuller experience for your client and much more visible results. If you wish to use this machine with other devices, do the #1. Diamond Microdermabrasion tools first but at a slightly lower setting than usual. Follow that with #2. the large head UltraSonic device. After that, #3. use the HydroDermabrasion machine last.

You MUST “check out” one of our HydroDermabrasions from Sue. This means that you must ask her to use one of these machines. In order to do this, you must NOT have a history of returning machines either damaged or uncleaned. If you do use this machine carefully and with respect, you may be barred from using them in the future.

There are two water containers provided with this machine. As you face the machine the containers are on the left-hand side of the machine. The far container is for used water/product and the near container is for new water/product. Both containers must be cleaned with disinfectant before being returned to Sue, and the disinfectant must be rinsed out.


The main power switch is next to the power cord. Once you turn this switch on, the on/off switch is on the front panel of the machine. A red light and a blue light (next to the containers) should turn on when the on/off switch is turned on. Each tube must be correctly connected to the correct quick-release fitting of the machine will not work. Some possible wrong-connections may result in the machine simply not working, or, pumping water throughout the pumping mechanism thereby ruining the machine.

The water and/or product from the near container is drawn (by vacuum) from the near container through the 4MM tube to the handle where it stays until a seal if formed at the working head on the handle. This seal is accomplished by pressing FLAT on the skin. The pressurized water is then forced through a small hole in the working head, swirls through the maze in the head, does its magic on the skin, and is then drawn up the other 4MM tube and deposited in the refuse container in the back.


The 4MM tubes used by this machine are connected to the containers with quick-release fittings. Each fitting has a small ring that can be depressed releasing the tube from the fitting. The containers can be removed from the machine for washing, filling and emptying. Be CAREFUL when removing and reinstalling the containers because if too much force or uneven force is used the attaching slides can be broken off. Also be CAREFUL when connecting and disconnecting the tubes from the quick-release connections. Each time a tube end is damaged the tube must be cut leaving a fresh end to the tube thereby shortening the tube. Obviously when the tubes get too short they must be replaced and they are difficult to find.


This machine has two adjustments available. The large knob on the front panel is for Macro-Adjustment and the handle has a small window that opens and there is an adjustable roller inside that can be used to adjust the water pressure. This adjustment is for Micro- Adjustments. It is probable that the adjustment knob is either correct already or nearly so from the previous use. If you feel you need to adjust this wheel, make small changes and then test the results. There are several different working heads that all fit on the working handle. Each maze pattern is different and will have a different feel. There are also plastic and silicone heads that are all interchangeable on the working handle. If the pressure adjustment on the front of the machine is set too high you will go through your water/product very quickly and you’ll end up with a big mess.


When determining whether to use water or another product on the skin please remember that high solvency products such as
pure essential oils can not be used in this machine because they dissolve the delicate plastic parts on this machine. Also, oils will
simply float to the surface while the water-soluble ingredients will mix with the water and be pumped to the handle. Do NOT deviate from what you learned in your class and what was included in the test.

When the on/off button is pushed the machine will go on “wait” mode. The water flow will not start until there is a solid seal at the working head. After the working head is evenly applied to the skin a second or two will pass before the system starts working because pressure must be developed through the tubing system which will only engage after the required pressure level is reached. Be patient and wait for this to happen. If you break the seal at the working head the entire system must repressurize again before you will get results.

When applied to the face, place your helping hand on the skin and gently pull it taut and then apply the HydroDermabrasion
working head with your working hand near your helping hand and then AFTER the system starts working, slowly slide the
handle away from your helping hand. Unlike the Diamond MicroDermabrasion devices where you only make 3” to 4” passes and then stop, the handle on this device should not be pulled from the skin thereby breaking the seal more than necessary. Make one pass and then place your helping hand where the pass stopped and then with your working hand make a “U-turn” and go the other way. If you make a pass and then pull the working handle away from the face you will encounter a lot of drips and dribbles which only wastes product and makes the client uncomfortable. You should be able to complete the forehead area with one seal, each cheek with one seal, and the rest of the face with one seal. You should keep a dry towel handy to catch any accidental dripping anyway.

Basic use is with water only, however filtered Aloe Vera juice can be used, a solution containing 5 Volume H2O2 or less can be used and other products that have been thinned with water can also be used. Green Tea can be used on clients with sensitive skin or skin that is a bit inflamed. Earl Grey Tea can be used prior to Photorejuvenation treatments as the Bergamot in the Earl Grey Tea can make the Photorejuvenation treatments more effective. Licorice Root Tea or teas with high levels of caffeine can be used for dark circles under the eyes. Licorice Root Tea is also good for other discolorations on the face.


The benefits of this HydroDermabrasion machine are that this treatment helps cleanse and treat acne, inflammation, helps make extractions easier and less painful, tones the skin, improves elasticity and glow and can help with uneven skin tones. Almost everybody that receives a HydroDermabrasion treatment comments on how soft their skin feels after the treatment. Clients that have traditional Diamond MicroDermabrasion treatments can usually have very good results with this machine and have been very pleased with the results. This machine can help remove dead skin cells, sebum, follicle mites, dirt, contaminants, makeup residue and other impurities while plumping up the skin and reducing the appearance of fine lines. Clients usually have a nice glow on their skin for the next several days due to the increased circulation within the skin.


When you return this machine to Sue, it must be clean, BOTH containers and the working heads and the working handle must have been disinfected. If you return the machine dirty, you will not be allowed to use it again. If we have to hunt the machine down because you didn’t return it, you will not be allowed to use it again.

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