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Perm Stretch Tests & Procedures


Start your consultation by asking your client about their hair ESPECIALLY about any perm that hasn't worked in the past few months. If they have had a perm that didn't take ask them about the circumstances. If the perm wasn't neutralized properly the hair may have become unpermable. 


This is what happened. When you wrap the hair for a perm you create tension in the hair. The bend around the rods also creates tension. If the hair has not been neutralized properly the ends that reconnect during the neutralization process have turned into little amputee stumps which do not reach the bonds they usually do which means that there is no rod small enough and there is no amount of tension that you can put on the hair that will cause the bonds to stretch because they're no longer connected to anything. So... be VERY careful about overpromising a great outcome on a previously failed perm. You may ROCK but only God can put cysthetic hair back together again.


Dry Stretch. You can test the moisture quality of the hair by taking a dry hair the length of your finger (can still be attached).

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