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RF (Radio Frequency) Training

There are three dot matrix RF heads used with this machine, each with a specific purpose on different parts of the face and body.

Machine Operation


  1. Cleanse the skin

  2. Apply conductive gel between 1/16th and 1/8th in thickness

  3. Adjust machine to the proper setting for the area that you will be treating.

  4. Perform the RF treatment (3 to 4 times on each grid until slight pinkness is showing (as much redness as a blush or less) is visible) Push the activator button on the handle each time for a new cycle. If you have good skin contact all four horizontal bars (below the cycle counter) will light up, if only 3 bars will light, you don't have good contact. Once you push the handle button vertical bars (above the cycle counter) will sweep across the screen from left to right showing the progress of the cycle.

  5. Cleanse the skin

  6. Apply moisturizing treatment to the skin very gently.

Video information -

Video of operation #1 -

Video of operation #2 -

Video of operation #3 -

Suggested Settings


Large Head

Working Mode:Pulse

Energy/Frequency (RF):3J~10J

Pulse Time:0.5S~2.5S

(RF:3J~4J, pulse time:1.5S~2.5S / 

RF:5J~6J, pulse time:1.0S~2.0S)

*Keep the head stationary while 

the wave passes.


Medium Head

Working Mode:Pulse

Energy/Frequency (RF):3J~10J

Pulse Time:0.5S~2.5S

(RF:3J~4J, pulse time:1.0S~2.0S / 

RF:5J~6J, pulse time:0.5S~1.5S)

*Keep the head stationary while 

the wave passes.


Small Head

Working Mode:Pulse

Energy/Frequency (RF):3J~7J

Pulse Time:0.5S~2.0S

(RF:3J~4J, pulse time:0.5S~1.5S

*When working on the eye area, 

when you push the button in the 

handle,  sweep the head of the RF 

handle across the eye area from 

the nose towards the ears as the 

wave passes.

This Dot Matrix Radio Frequency Machine

This RF (radio frequency) machine mixes several advanced technologies into one machine. It is important to understand how this machine works so that you can operate it safely and with confidence. We recommend that you work under the supervision of a doctor. This is a legal requirement for the more powerful machines within this category anyway, but we also suggest that you use this lower power machine under supervision also, if you are charging money for your services.

 This machine operates with a handle containing circuitry that interfaces with three different attachable heads. Please make sure that the removable head is security fastened into the handle before proceeding. The handle has two buttons, one is red which is the release button that disengages the heads and the silver button is the activator button.

There is a large area head, a medium area head, and a small area head. There are seven sets of pins (two each) on the handle which engage with a large head with 64 pins, a medium head with 36 pins and a small head with 4 large pins. Each of the heads snap into place. Do not be reckless while attaching and dis-attaching the heads because there is no source from which to replace the heads. 

Some clients, using other machines, have felt discomfort while having RF treatments due to shocking, tingling, or excessive surface heat. Although all of these problems are operator error issues where they have become overly casual and/or sloppy in their technique, this Dot Matrix RF machine will not activate until all of the pins have good contact with the skin eliminating these problems. This is a tremendously helpful safety feature.


The buttons on this machine are bubble-to-switch buttons so there are no moving parts to wear out or break. The buttons are also sealed within the control board to prevent liquids from accidentally entering the circuit boards contained within. 

Traditional RF machines have a constant on mode when the activator switch is pushed. This machine however operates with pulsed signals which can be timed from 0.1 to 9.9 seconds per activation. Each pulse is shown on the screen as a band of light passes from the left side of the screen to the right side of the machine. This allows you to monitor your work. This is another tremendously helpful safety feature of this machine.

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