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In a Police Station Arrested Man Getting Front-View Mug Shot. He's Wearing Prisoner Orange
In a Police Station Arrested Man Getting Front-View Mug Shot. He's Wearing Prisoner Orange

Are you checking out the various beauty schools in Alaska? Here are some things to think about while you search.


Are They Honest (or even legal)?

In some states, people with criminal cannot hold professional licenses. This is not the case in Alaska. There are people in the beauty industry, and may even be in the beauty schools you're checking out who are burglars, embezzlers, car thieves, drunk drivers, murderers, scam artists, sexual abusers, frauds, drug addicts, drunks, etc.

*Who do you want training you?

*Who do you want for classmates?

*What kind of professional reputation do you want?

*Who do you want to do business with?

Some people may be offended by this philosophy of honesty, but that's ok. If you want to hang out with dishonesty, with dishonest people, that is to say, criminals, go ahead.


We don't.


We won't.

We want to do business with honest people.

That's it.

*(The information included on this page is from public sources that are available to the general public by the State of Alaska.)

How can you find out? It's not really that difficult, just find out who the key players are where you're considering attending, are and look them up.

Look up the owners, the instructors, and the staff.


Check it out here.

You can check out individuals and/or companies.

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Don't Get Ripped Off!

There are schools that charge extra fees that they don't tell you about, there are schools that charge you thousands of dollars but you don't get any valid credentials from your training, etc.

Check them out BEFORE you sign up!

Online Classes

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Unlicensed, Unapproved, Uncertified

Find Out If They're Even Licensed!

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Remember that you have lots of resources at your disposal, do use them BEFORE you get ripped off and spend all that money and waste all that time and effort!

Sometimes these unscrupulous businesses simply skip the entire licensing process, sometimes, they get licensed for one thing but end up doing several other things that aren't licensed, but the really slippery ones set up one business that owns this other business which owns these other businesses and it can get quite complicated tracking them down.

You can read about some past infractions

here   here   here   here   here

  here   here and   here.

Sometimes you see the same names over and over and

sometimes you see different names but the same addresses

over and over. Some people don't seem to learn from their past mistakes and some people hang around with other unscrupulous people and just change names instead of their business practices.


Per 12 AAC 12.020(g) in advertising and operating, you must (mandatory) use the exact business name that appears on the business license. Thus, if you choose to reduce your existing multiple different name business licenses down to one business license then you must advertise and operate only under the one

business name you choose to maintain and keep active.

#1. Check Out the Schools Approved by the

Commission on PostSecondary Education

Approved School List HERE.

#2. Check Out the Schools Licensed by the

Alaska Board of 

Barbers and Hairdressers


#3. Check out the State of

Alaska Business License Search HERE.

If the school you're looking into isn't listed on ALL THREE LISTS, you are probably not getting your hours and/or requirements and you're probably getting ripped off! This includes "online" schools.


"The “scope of practice” for a regulated profession includes those activities and procedures that a person with

a specified level of education, training, and competency is authorized to engage in under the statutes and

regulations of the state in which the person practices."

In Alaska, estheticians are allow to perform light acid peels while "medical peels" reserved for medical staff however there are schools in Alaska that advertise that they will teach you medical acid peels. This means they are out of scope, and this also means that they are teaching you to practice out of scope. Your licensing will not cover this, your insurance will not cover this either. So be careful which school you choose and be careful how you shop for schools. The sketchy schools are known within the industry but as an outsider you may end up in a sketchy school but not realize it until you're already enrolled. Some students don't care. We do! We teach you the proper techniques for estheticians that keep you in scope for your profession and your license.

Doing medical acid peels is not the only practice that falls outside of the scope for estheticians. There are also places that do teeth whitening, which is illegal. Lasers must only be used by medical staff, or by licensed estheticians under the supervision of medical staff but not independently. There are several other devices that are considered medical devices, so check things out before you sign up for training for equipment that isn't allowed under Alaska State Law.

You can read about some past infractions here   here   here   here   here   here   here and   here.

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