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Want To Enroll?

We love our students. It's important to us to maintain an environment where our students can flourish. This is why we carefully choose our students. We screen each applicant for intelligence, kindness, integrity, respect, CREATIVITY, and a strong work ethic. Does this sound like you?

*** Please check our Calendar if you have specific date requirements for your training. Our Esthetician Program takes about (average) 10 1/2 weeks to complete and our Hairdresser Program takes about (average) one year.

Our enrollment process has gotten a bit complicated lately as a group of people (associated with another school in town) have attempted to gain entrance to our school (numerous times) using aliases and fake names and fake phone numbers to steal our curriculum. We apologize for the additional hassle this has caused but we fully intend to maintain our high standards so in our efforts to resist their fraudulent activities we have added a couple extra layers of security in our process.



We value quality everywhere and at all times. This may include the best "tried & true" philosophies of the past or the best "cutting edge" techniques of the present, we also seek out future improvements. This is one reason the MetrOasis Beauty School & Advanced Training Center is unique. 

The Knight’s Code of Chivalry
The knight that stands guard in our reception area represents our love of travel, especially to Europe, our connection to the past,  and our commitment to the ancient code of chivalry which include these ideals;

Fear God,
protect the weak & defenseless,
to give succour to widows and orphans,
refrain from the wanton giving of offence,
to live by honour and for glory,
to fight for the welfare of all,
to obey those placed in authority,
to guard the honour of fellow knights,
to eschew unfairness, meanness,  and deceit,
to keep faith,
to speak the truth at all times,
to persevere to the end in any enterprise begun,
to respect the honour of women,
to never refuse a challenge from an equal
and to never to turn back to a foe.
(Old English spelling)

Do you hold Honor in high regard?
We require our students to conduct themselves in an honorable way while attending the MetrOasis Beauty School & Advanced Training Center. The following is a list of behaviors we find incongruous with the MetrOasis attitude.
No discrimination The MetrOasis LLC Beauty School & Advanced Training Center practices a no-discrimination policy on the basis of race, creed, religion, country or area of origin and/ or residence in its employment, admissions, financing, and graduation.


Just as you would not want anyone to treat you differently because of your personal views or your lifestyle, others want you to have the same respect and courtesy for their views and/or lifestyle. We expect the same consideration from our students. Students do not have to celebrate any
holiday they donʼt want to, and staff members donʼt either.


No vulgar language Profanity and swearing will not be tolerated nor will pornography, sexually suggestive or explicit written materials or photographs. No Cosmo magazines. Read the cover and you see why!

No drugs If we suspect a student is under the influence of any controlled substance, we will take this student immediately to WorkSafe for testing. If this student is found to be under the influence of a controlled substance, he/she will be immediately terminated from our program. All students will be sharp, clear-headed and sober or will not be here. Any student who violates our drug-free campus policy will be expelled.

No smoking There is a “no smoking” policy in effect at MetrOasis at all times. This smoking policy includes ALL tobacco products, lit or not. There is an area behind the building that is suitable for smoking. Students who smoke MUST remove any materials used to the degree that it is not evident that anyone smoked there, and must not smell of tobacco. Students who canʼt maintain his/her smoking habit in an orderly fashion should quit smoking or terminate their enrollment.

No patchouli Patchouli will not be worn by students while in school. Students who show up wearing patchouli will be sent home. This policy is in place due to previous patchouli wearers because they seem not to wear it but actually bathe in it.

No gum There will not be any gum chewing at any time at MetrOasis by students, staff or clients. Sue is the hardest working person Iʼve ever met and we not force her to crawl around on the floor at the end of a long day with a screwdriver peeling up the gum that was dropped during the day. Breath mints are acceptible.

No cheating, plagiarism, or dishonesty Students caught cheating will be terminated. We will not tolerate cheating of any kind and this breach of our trust is grounds for immediate dismissal. Our relationship with each student is based on honesty. If this honesty is breeched the relationship will be terminated. Here are a few examples of cheating: having one student clock out for another student; having us check a service that another student did; forging our signatures or initials; asking another person to help on the entrance exam; using the text book on closed book tests.

No theft If you steal, you will be expelled. We have cameras installed for the safety of our staff and students, but these also record continuously and can be accessed in the case of theft.


Admission Requirements
The MetrOasis LLC Beauty School &  Advanced Training Center is very selective when it comes to choosing our students. We will have various start dates per year with limited space. We carefully screen our applicants so we wonʼt inadvertently give away space to someone who is not serious about becoming a professional in this industry.

The applicant must:
1. be 18 years of age or older.
2. have a high school diploma or GED
3. pass an entrance exam with a minimum score of 75%.
4. be free of any drug or alcohol addiction (or complications).
5. pass an interview with the director of the school
6. be accepted by the director of the school.
7. demonstrate a strong desire to be a hairdresser or esthetician.
8. make acceptable financial arrangements.
9. not suffer from any degree of color blindness.

CALL SUE AT 907-276-4110






MetrOasis LLC does not charge

a fee to take the entrance exam.

As you may know, our training calendar books up well in advance. Realize that the registration fee registers you only. This means that you have been accepted into one of our programs. Until your finances are in place, you are NOT on our official training calendar. You must have passed our online exam, passed our interview, paid your registration and have your finances in place. THEN you have secured a place on our master training calendar.

Click to read reviews

Nina  5 stars

"Thank You is said often and without much thought. I am so grateful for Sue and Sigel's passion that has led me on this journey. Attending Metroasis was such a blessing."



Leniesha  5 stars

"MetrOasis changed my life! Sue & Sigel are amazing! So knowledgable & passionate about helping you in your future career."



Sierra  5 stars

"I graduated from Metroasis a little over 2 years ago and it was a wonderful step in starting my career as a Stylist. I started work behind the chair as soon as I was finished with school, and I've also recently become our Paul Mitchell Educator/Representative for the state of Alaska. I've felt more than prepared for every color correction and cazy question that's come my way."



Adrienne  5 stars

"Love going to school here. It has been one of the most rewarding experiences ever!"

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