Our Esthetics Program

The Germans have an interesting saying -


     "Das Billige ist immer das Teuerste."


which means - "The cheapest is always the most expensive.”


This is a good thing to consider while you're shopping for an esthetics program to attend. If you don't get the advanced training you need in your basic program, you'll have to pay for it later. If you don't get the equipment that you need in your basic program, you'll have to pay for it later but then you won't know how to use it. If you don't get your own multifunction machine in your basic program, you'll have to get one later, for more money, and you won't know how to use it either.


So saving a few dollars by going to the cheap school will cost you much more in the long-run.


The MetrOasis Beauty School & Advanced Training Center Esthetics Program offers students realistic clinic room experience with the newest and most exciting aspects of esthetics training.


You will train on ultrasonic, galvanic, microdermabrasion, microcurrent, and photorejuvenation equipment and be trained to provide traditional luxury treatments in one of our esthetics rooms. We are proud to provide the most extensive Esthetician Program in the State of Alaska. 


You may work on a manikin head the first week of basic training to learn basic massage techniques and then you work on real people while some schools have you training on manikins your entire program instead of working on clients. Ask this question BEFORE you sign up!


Our students benefit from the vast knowledge of our staff, educational videos from around the world, and online links. Graduates from our Esthetician Program have gained employment in spas, doctorʼs offices, makeup counters in many different locations and many have opened their own businesses.




Esthetics Program Completion Requirements
Students who attend the Esthetics Program at MetrOasis are required to
complete the following requirements to earn their MetrOasis Certificate:

1. Complete a minimum of 350 hours.
2. Complete the following practical operations: manual facials (60),
    Machine facials (40), Waxing (50), and Make-up applications (50).
3. Completion of the Esthetics Workbook.
4. Completion of all tests included in the textbook with minimum scores of 80%.
5. A passing score of at least 75% on the 110 questions comprehensive practice test.
6. Complete the Skillgoals Checklist


Students may also earn optional certificates in the following areas at no
additional cost by passing the specialized exams for the specific area of
interest to the student:

The MetrOasis Beauty School & Advanced Training Center typically accepts two to four esthetician students each month. The esthetician program takes our students about 10 weeks to complete.


New students learn the basics during the first two weeks of the program and then graduate onto the clinic floor where they complete the remainder of their training.


2020 - 2021 Esthetician Program Costs


Tuition .................... $2,700 

Refundable according to Commission on PostSecondary Education regulations (student catalog)


Student Kit ............. $2,300

(Refundable ONLY if completely intact and unused)



Lab Fees ............... $   560

(Refundable ONLY if completely intact and unused)


Books .................... $   390

(Refundable ONLY if completely intact and unused)


Registration Fee ... $    130



State Permit Fee ... $   100



Total ...................... $6,180


There is more financial information under the Q & A tab and you can see our entire Student Catalog HERE. Still, have a question you can't find the answer to? Call us at (907) 276-4110

Click these links for further information about the MetrOasis Beauty School & Advanced Training Center in Anchoragae, Alaska.


Esthetician Student Kit  


Alaska Student Loan Program



Entrance Exam


Estheticians, also called aestheticians, are trained skincare professionals that provide cosmetic, anti-acne, microdermabrasion, photorejuvenation, microcurrent, galvanic, high frequency and other treatments for their clients.


Estheticians also work in dermatology and plastic surgery clinics.


Estheticians must have a professional, pleasant demeanor and possess the necessary skills required to work with the public the spa environment.

We recently added some new techniques that we learned from -

Frankfurt, Germany (Salon Culture Management, Spa Management & Pricing)


Rudesheim, Germany (Customer Service)


Cochem, Germany (Customer Service, Beauty Industry History, Natural Ingredients Formulation)


Tubingen, Germany (Super-Charged Customer Service, Spa Management, Water Therapy)


Lucerne, Switzerland (Customer Service & Pricing Strategies, Product Ingredients, Alpine Eye Treatment with Edelweiss Extract)


Colmar, France (Salon Culture Management & Customer Service, Green Fairy Facial)


Strasbourg, France (Ko Bi Do Facial Massage, Customer Service, Product Selection, Spa Design, Specialized Layering Facials, 5-Flower Facial)


Baden Baden, Germany (Cuprous Skin Treatments, Advanced Acne Extractions, Product Selection, Product Formulation, Blackthorn Brine Treatments) 

Computerized Skin Analyzer
Computerized Skin Analyzer

We can now analyze numerous skin conditions.

RGB Pore Analysis
RGB Pore Analysis

We can show you where your skin pores need work.

UV Spot Analysis
UV Spot Analysis

We can show you where your sun damage areas are and provide you with the correct products, red light therapy and microcurrent treatments.

Computerized Skin Analyzer
Computerized Skin Analyzer

We can now analyze numerous skin conditions.