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MetrOasis LLC Beauty School & Advanced Training Center

Anchorage, Alaska, USA

4450 Cordova Street, #130
Anchorage, AK 99503

Tel: 907-276-4110

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Please do not use this form to book appointments.

BEFORE YOU EMAIL US...  We receive a lot of emails from people that use this form to ask us what this web page says. You are here right now, read it instead of asking us what it says in an email. How much is the tuition, when do classes start, how many hours are required, what is your schedule. We've spent HUNDREDS of hours designing this web page to answer these questions and all of the answers are here. There is a button for the Student Catalog, Questions, Programs, Enroll Here, etc.

We accept one in about thirty inquiries. If you use this contact form to give us your phone number so that we will read this web page to you, or if you want us to email this web page to you (that you just didn't read...)(our email has a limit of 5 megabytes, our web pages are thousands of times larger than this), you're probably not the one that we'll accept. FYI

We mentioned this on our blog which you can read here.

Notice to Spammers!

If you send an unsolicited email you

will AUTOMATICALLY add yourself to

our never-buy-from list and we will never

purchase a product or service from you.


Do NOT abuse our contact page

and/or our email. 

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