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But you didn't answer my question...

No, we will NOT drag you to success.

If I didn't respond to your question it is because I've already spend hundreds of hours answering your question, ON OUR WEB PAGES!

"How much is your tuition?" For which program?

Did you click "Programs" the very next tab to the main page? No?

Did you click the Questions tab? No?

Did you click the Student Catalog link? No?

Did you click the MetrOasis Calendar button? No?

Did you click the Enroll Here tab? No?

So, if a person is on where all of the information about our school is located, or at, which also has all the information regarding our school, and you use the contact tab which is the sixth tab of seven tabs, you are proving that you understand what the tabs are for and you also just proved that you can successfully use the tabs to get information that you want.

But why did you ignore the tabs that are named exactly for the information that you are trying to discover?

At this point, I'm not sure what to do. You were on the web page but chose not to read any of the information but decided to email me asking for this information. Are you hoping that I copy the entire web page and email it to you? I can't because you can only email 5 megabytes of information and our web pages contain thousands of megabytes of information. Were you hoping that I would call you and read the web page to you? Can't you read?

Some of this information seeking process involves common sense. Example: "How long does the twelve hour nail class take?" Well, it's called the twelve hour nail class, so there's that... Answer, it takes twelve hours, which is why we called the class the twelve hour nail class. The State of Alaska requires a minimum of twelve hours.

"I want to find out about your esthetics program." OK. Click the Programs tab, then click Esthetics. This is tab #2. Instead of doing this, you clicked tab #6. to ask us what tab #2. says. Starting to understand why this is frustrating? Isn't it just faster and easier to click on tab #2. where all the answers are?

"When are your new class start dates?" Click on the MetrOasis Calendar button and our schedule for the next year is there.

So, we have had thousands of questions regarding our school. The students that actually read our web pages signed up for classes and we actively teach them every day that we are open. Are you hoping that we leave them so that we can read the web page to you because you were too lazy to read it on your own? Why does this seem like a normal request? It sounds stupid to me?

So, we've been running our school for twenty-five years now and we have not had one single person who asked us email them information that is provided on the very web page that they made the request on by clicking on the Contact tab, ever! Not one single time. They either can't pass the online entrance exam or they simply flit off to the next thing that catches their eye. I think that twenty-five years is a really long time to watch people's behavior patterns.

If you have a question that we didn't think to include we would be happy to answer your questions. But if you skipped over this tab or this button and ask us for information that you decided not to read, why do you think that we should respond to that question knowing (after twenty-five years of experience) that you either will not pass the entrance exam or follow through with your desire? Especially after we have already answered that question numerous times on the very page that you were just on as well as dozens and dozens of other web pages. You decided not to read it and we support your decision to not know. We will not respond.

So, the short answer is... NO! We will not drag you to success because it doesn't work. YOU actually have to spend some effort to be successful.

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