Entrance Exam

We require an entrance exam for several reasons. One of which, is to prevent our classes from being bogged down by a student that can't keep up. Another is to prevent a student from investing months of effort and thousands of dollars to prepare for an exam that they will not be able to pass. Another is to prevent that same student from getting into a career in which they can't prosper. Our entrance policies are here to protect us and they're here to protect you. So, let's do an analogy. Seat belts. "I don't like wearing seat belts because they're too uncomfortable." So, does the person in the hospital bed seem more or less uncomfortable than wearing a seat belt? You wear a seat belt to preve

We're attending the 50th Anniversary of Cosmoprof Bologna in Italy. Want to join us?

This is (I believe) the largest beauty show in the world. This show is SO huge that they have little trains that deliver people from one part of the show to the other parts of the show. It's cheaper to fly into Venice and take the train to Bologna. While you're in Venice, why not stay for a few days? In fact, why not stop in Verona on the way and check out the fully intact Roman Arena?

Metropolis + Oasis = MetrOasis

Sometimes you just takes things for granted. Perhaps you've never thought about where our name came from? We wanted MetrOasis to be an Oasis in a Metropolis to give our clients a break from their everyday lives so that they could relax, refresh themselves and to give themselves a break from their regular routine. You can book an appointment for a haircut that includes a shampoo, a conditioning treatment, a consultation, a haircut and a blow dry style while you enjoy a complimentary espresso drink. If you have a longer appointment like highlights or an ombre' you can (on sunny days) enjoy our new roof-top patio and catch a few rays while you process.

Sue teaching a one-on-one airbrush makeup class.

We don't just teach our student airbrush makeup techniques, we teach our clients too! You can be up & running with some great airbrush techniques in just a few hours. Why would you want to learn airbrush makeup? This type of makeup makes an amazing improvement for digital photos and videos. Plus, you should only keep traditional makeup for six months and then you should throw it away because it is contaminated. You never contaminate airbrush makeup because you never put your fingers or a makeup brush that has touched your face back into your makeup. Airbrush makeup is applied to your face from 6" to 1" away so the airbrush never touches your face. *(If you want to watch this video with no ba

Our fleet of HydroMicrodermabrasion is here & ready to go.

Our fleet of HydroMicrodermabrasion is all set up & we're just waiting for our first students to study the manual & pass the test and start booking appointments with this equipment. These services are outside our normal service menu so to pass this test you must get 100% on the test while the usual passing score is 75%. The equipment is a bit more fragile than some of our other equipment so we want to make sure that our students know these machines inside & out.

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