Sue Shroy - I married my hairdresser in 1986 and then in 1995 he trained me. Together we opened the MetrOasis Beauty School & Advanced Training Center in Anchorage, Alaska. I am a licensed hairdresser, licensed hairdressing instructor, licensed esthetician, licensed esthetician instructor.

Franz Sigel Shroy - I am the director of the MetrOasis Beauty School & Advanced Training Center in Anchorage, Alaska. I have been in the beauty industry since 1979 and have held about every position there is within the industry. I am a licensed hairdresser, licensed hairdressing instructor, licensed esthetician, licensed esthetician instructor.

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  Our Mission

The MetrOasis LLC Advanced Training Center & Beauty / Esthetician School in Anchorage, Alaska is dedicated to providing an international level of education for our students in the fields of cosmetology and esthetics but not limited to these areas of interest. MetrOasis LLC endeavors to surround its students with world class antiques, international music and has included varying techniques and philosophies from around the world within its training programs that are missing from most other schools.

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We do this to enable our students not only to learn our curriculum but to combine these varying techniques and philosophies with their own ideas and creativity to forge their own amazing paths within the beauty industry.

While we have a major focus in helping our students pass the Alaska state board exams because these are necessary for the students to begin their careers, we do realize that these are at the minimum level of performance and our programs provide much more than just the minimums. These state-of-the-art features are the main reason we named our school the MetrOasis LLC Advanced Training Center.
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We strive to treat both our students and our clients with respect, kindness and professionalism and also have a passion to create memorable experiences that are valuable, interesting and inspiring for everyone who visits our beautiful facility.

Find out more about the MetrOasis LLC Beauty School & Advanced Training Center history, instructors, education and facility by clicking the link below!

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Wednesday 9am-7pm

Thursday 9am-7pm

Friday 9am-7pm

Saturday 9am-5pm

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MetrOasis LLC Beauty School &

Advanced Training Center

3701 East Tudor Road #103

Anchorage, Alaska 99507

(907) 276-4110


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Before you email us with questions regarding our programs, we would greatly appreciate it if you would take the time to read this website! The most common questions asked of us are addressed on our Q & A page. Thank you for your interest in MetrOasis!

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The beauty industry has many facets which makes it a great creative release for the artist in you, a sound educational investment for the investor in you, a broad curriculum base for the student in you and you are constantly interacting with clients and other salon professionals for the social person in you.

The beauty biz is also a very flexible industry which appeals to those wishing to participate in several endeavors at the same time, those with small children and part-timers working in other industries.

Beauty school training typically takes about a year or less for hairdressing and under three months for estheticians. The cost for a year of training is usually about 1/10 of the cost for a four year college degree. Student Catalog.


Beauty Salons and Spas were listed as one of the Best 100 Businesses To Start because of stability, low investment cost and high profitability.



The municipality of Anchorage has issued a new Covid-19 mandate as of now and the State of Alaska has also issued a new Covid-19 mandate starting Monday. These new mandates require that indoors or outdoors that everyone must wear a mask as well as maintaining a six-foot distance from everyone else. This makes doing facials and waxing and haircuts and colors impossible to do while maintaining a six-foot distance from our clients.

Because of this, we are canceling all of our esthetics and hairdressing clients' appointments for the next three weeks. We will remain open for our students who can work on manikins and face manikins and we can continue with theory classes however these classes will be through ZOOM. *So... students be sure to bring either your phone or a tablet so that you can join the ZOOM classes.

We are very sorry about this terrible situation but we have no choice in this matter in that doing otherwise would mean violating both the municipality and the state mandates.

Hopefully and prayerfully we will see all of our clients again on December 9th and we'll see all of our students tomorrow. We can do this if everybody uses their best behaviors and manners so that we can keep everybody safe. Hopefully, the beauty industry, the restaurants, etc. can survive this mess!

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