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  Our Mission

The MetrOasis® LLC Advanced Training Center & Beauty / Esthetician School in Anchorage, Alaska is dedicated to providing an international level of education for our students in the fields of cosmetology and esthetics but not limited to these areas of interest. MetrOasis LLC endeavors to surround its students with world-class antiques, international music and has included varying techniques and philosophies from around the world within its training programs that are missing from most other schools.

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We do this to enable our students not only to learn our curriculum but to combine these varying techniques and philosophies with their own ideas and creativity to forge their own amazing paths within the beauty industry.

While we have a major focus in helping our students pass the Alaska state board exams because these are necessary for the students to begin their careers, we do realize that these are at the minimum level of performance and our programs provide much more than just the minimums. These state-of-the-art features are the main reason we named our school the MetrOasis LLC Advanced Training Center.


iWe strive to treat both our students and our clients with respect, kindness, and professionalism and also have a passion to create memorable experiences that are valuable, interesting, and inspiring for everyone who visits our beautiful facility.

Find out more about the MetrOasis LLC Beauty School & Advanced Training Center history, instructors, education and facility by clicking the link below!



Wednesday  9am-7pm

Thursday      9am-7pm

Friday           9am-7pm

Saturday       9am-5pm

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HOT Beauty Center and School

MetrOasis® LLC Beauty School &

Advanced Training Center

4450 Cordova Street #130

Anchorage, Alaska 99503

(907) 276-4110

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Before you email us with questions regarding our programs, we would greatly appreciate it if you would take the time to read this website! The most common questions asked of us are addressed on our Q & A page. Thank you for your interest in MetrOasis!

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The beauty industry has many facets which makes it a great creative release for the artist in you, a sound educational investment for the investor in you, a broad curriculum base for the student in you and you are constantly interacting with clients and other salon professionals for the social person in you.

The beauty biz is also a very flexible industry that appeals to those wishing to participate in several endeavors at the same time, those with small children and part-timers working in other industries.

Beauty school training typically takes about a year or less for hairdressing and under three months for estheticians. The cost for a year of training is usually about 1/10 of the cost of a four-year college degree. Student Catalog.

Beauty Salons and Spas were listed as one of the Best 100 Businesses To Start because of stability, low investment cost, and high profitability.



Choosing the right beauty school to attend can be kind of tricky especially if you're new to the beauty industry. I'll be honest with you too in saying that the beauty industry is strange. You can look at reviews but what do you check for? I find it interesting that most reviews are one star (if the person is really angry with the school) and five stars (if the person got caught up in the excitement of doing something new. But if you want to look deeper look at some of the people leaving those reviews.


Many people leave reviews, even really good reviews, but when you look at their personal information they aren't working in either a salon or a spa. Could they not pass the state board exam? Could they not find a job with their current level of training? This added information kind of changes your initial opinion about the place, doesn't it?

Now look at the instructors at the school. Look up their reputations. Does the person that you want to train you have a DUI, or two DUIs, or maybe three DUIs? Many states will not issue a license to a person with felonies or serious misdemeanors. Not Alaska! Does the person have collection after collection or eviction after eviction? If they can't make a good living within the beauty industry and they've been doing this for a while, how are they ever going to teach you how to make a good living? 

Look at the school and look at the instructors. Are they licensed? You're thinking "ha ha", but it happens more than you would think. Some people just don't manage this very well and they simply don't have licenses, or they have expired licenses. Also, these people are supposed to be teaching you on the clinic floor but all-of-a-sudden a client walks in and POOF! Now you're sitting there without any instructor but the class wasn't over. This happens a lot at other schools.

WHAT are they going to be teaching you? Where did they get their training? Many instructors (especially in Alaska) went to the school down the street and got a very marginal education from the other instructor with a marginal education and neither of these "instructors" have taken their education very seriously. Do they have a state-level education? A national-level education, or an international-level education?  The quality of education your instructor has is going to be extremely important to the level of education that you're going to receive from them. You can't teach what you don't know! HOW LONG have they been instructors?

Some people lie. I've seen schools claim that they're "making essential oils" in their theory class when in reality they bought existing essential oils and mixed them together to get a particular scent. When you "make" an essential oil you must use a distiller, you must take bio-mass and heat it to extract hydrosols and essential oils from this. In reality this is MAKING essential oils, not simply mining them together. Some schools claim that they're the ONLY school teaching sugaring when they've only been in business half a dozen years and we've been making, teaching, and selling sugaring products for almost 30 years and we've been trained in five different countries on how to use sugaring products. 

We might as well talk about all the people who are going to try and talk you out of going to beauty school so you can go to law school, or train to be an architect or to be an accountant. What aren't they telling you? The Information Industry has the highest rate of business failure of all businesses but right after that is... starting a law firm, then starting an accounting business, and then starting an Architectural firm. Oops! They forgot to mention this. These trades have nearly a 25% failure rate in their first year of business and then the failure rates go up by the fifth year. My father gave me a bit of a hard time when I started in the beauty industry. He said to college and be a doctor. I asked him what I would do with all that extra money that I made. He said that my wife would probably spend most of it. I asked him what she would spend it on and he said, buying clothes, makeup and uh, well, getting her hair done. After that he never bothered me much about becoming a hairdresser and esthetician.

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