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The MetrOasis LLC Beauty School & Advanced Training Center has been in business in Anchorage, Alaska since January 1995. We are different from any other beauty school in the United States. This difference is not an accident but takes effort, thought and passion on a daily basis. We maintain this difference by embracing the best of all places and times and include those products, techniques, training, and philosophies in the curriculum that we provide to our students.


Our Instructors
Sue and
Sigel Shroy

Franz Sigel Shroy,
Director and Instructor

Sigel has a Bachelors degree from UCMI., a Masters degree from UCMI., and a Doctorate degree from Masters Graduate School of Divinity. Sigel also holds a level 3 NCFE in the U.K., a beauty technician diploma (with distinction) in makeup and skin care from Stonebridge College, UK.

Sigel has been in the beauty industry since 1979 and has owned numerous salons. He was the Paul Mitchell Regional Perm Tech in the early 1990s, and has participated in many hair shows and events throughout his career.
Sue describes him as a walking encyclopedia!


Susan Beatrice Shroy,
School Administrator and Instructor

Sue likes to tell people that she married her hairdresser. In fact... she did. Sue is the administrator of MetrOasis LLC and is an orgazinational wizard. She has a Bachelors degree in Fine Art from S.P.U., she is a licensed hairdresser, a licensed esthetician and a licensed instructor. Sue has been in the beauty industry for about 25 years.

Both Sigel and Sue are members of the International High IQ Society and Sigel is a member of CerebralsSociety. Sigel & Sue appeared in L’Eclaireur magazine (Paris) in 2010 and The Hairdressers Journal (London) in 2011.

Our beautiful facility

The MetrOasis LLC Beauty School & Advanced Training Center is a gorgeous school unlike any other. Students are surrounded by color, rich music, and beautiful antiques. Sue and Sigel travel internationally each year and strive to provide an environment that is rich in world culture, taste, and talent. Our facility is divided into a hairdressing side and an esthetics side, so we are able to better control the energy and sound desired for our clients' and students' experience.

Our hairdresser clinic floor can accommodate up to 5 hairdressing students, and our esthetician rooms can accommodate up to 9 estheticians. Our capacity is small by design to allow our students a high degree of instructor interaction throughout each students' training.

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MetrOasis Beauty School Advanced Training Center Anchorage Alaska
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