Upstairs & Downstairs Floor Plans

The downstairs portion of our facility has 12 esthetician beds in 8 rooms.


1 bathroom with 2 more just past our back door and 2 more upstairs.


The kitchen has 3 full size refrigerators, a microwave, a grill, an ice cream machine, a shave ice machine, a cotton candy machine, an ice maker, 3 compartment sink and a commercial espresso machine.


We also have a washer/dryer in this area.

The hairdressing areas have 11  hydraulic styling chairs, 2 hood dryers, 1 Climazon.

The shampoo area has 2 American style shampoo bowls and 1 European shampoo bowl.

The skin analysis area has a skin scope, digital microscope, computer, magnifying loupe, BIA skin tester and computerized skin analysis machine.

Each esthetician room is decorated in a geographic style.

About upstairs...

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