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La Rochelle Seaweed Facial

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The La Rochelle Seaweed Facial, or "Soin du visage aux algues La Rochelle" is a luxury facial treatment.


This treatment uses oceanic plants to provide much-needed nutrients, antioxidants, and special biomaterials that help to detox the skin and provide moisture from polysaccharide rich seaweeds.

This facial treatment includes:

Cleansing treatment with SalonParisian Facial Cleanser

Toner with Salon Parisian Cucumber Toner

Ultrasonic-deconstruction treatment

Serum with Salon Parisian Triple Berry Vitamin C Serum

Moisturizing treatment with SalonParisian DMAE Smoothing


Hand massage


Hot paraffin hand dip

Galvanic or microcurrent treatment


Ultrasonic-deconstruction treatment


Acne extractions (if needed)


High-frequency or 450NM light therapy


Facial massage Oxygen Treatment

Occlusion moisturizing mask of three layers, serum, moisturizer

     and seaweed.