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Microcurrent No-Surgery Facelift

The MetrOasis Microcurrent No-Surgery Facelift is one of our most popular treatments which uses our specially formulated products and advanced microcurrent techniques that we've learned from many locations around Europe and the United States.

Cleansing, microcurrent, etc.

Most of the available information regarding microcurrents on the Internet is incorrect.


How is this possible? Well, most people check out the Internet and see what people have to say and they then simply parrot this information.


So they know this information is wrong? In most of the cases, no, but in some cases yes. They simply don't care if they're putting out incorrect information.


Will this incorrect information harm you? It's possible. Having the wrong information causes incorrect techniques which will certainly give you fewer results, more expenses, and more frustration.

What is wrong with this incorrect information? There are two types of microcurrent facials. One mostly affects the skin and one mostly affects the underlying tissue i.e. muscles, etc.

For underlying tissue treatment, the probes must be correctly placed on each end of the muscle. You can not get great results if one probe is on fat and one is on muscle or if one probe is on a portion of one muscle and the other probe is on another. For good results, you must know where the muscles are located and not just make up some fanciful pattern that has nothing to do with correct placement. I've seen microcurrent treatment patterns that have little circles going across the forehead, giant lines going from the forehead to the chin. You have no little circle or large circle muscles in your face. You have any muscles in your face that stretch from the forehead to the chin. The placement of facial muscles is common knowledge and has been for hundreds of years, it's just not common knowledge to those doing these pointless microcurrent treatments. Below you'll find the patterns we use and the muscles that are affected.

*Probe patterns shown on each side of the face are used on both sides of the face they were separated on this graphic for clarity.

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