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Sigel's Secrets for passing the State Board Esthetician Exam


#1. Posture. Make sure you are sitting upright & that your breathing is not impaired. You may find yourself sitting at a desk in a large room with lots of people surrounding you, breathing your air. Give yourself the best possible chance of having a sharp mind, which requires… AIR. 


#2. Discomfort. Tests are really uncomfortable and you may have a tendency to want to rush through this process just to put an end to your discomfort. Take a deep breath just before reading each question, clear your mind and concentrate ONLY on that one question. Check out the answers carefully. Set a minimum time limit for each question, maybe 15 seconds or 20 seconds, and then force yourself to read EVERY answer choice before deciding on a final answer.


#3. Stupid Answer / Dumb Answer. There is usually a stupid answer and a dumb answer and a best answer and a tricky answer. If you can eliminate the stupid and the dumb answer you can help your chances of choosing the best answer by a wide margin.


#4. Don't Impute. Reading test questions and answers is very different than having a conversation with another person because if you are a nice person you tend to "fix" a lot of communication errors made by the other person. Perhaps they didn't choose the word that best describes what they're trying to convey so (mentally) you replace the word they said with a more accurate word. DO NOT do this with your exam because the test writer is not your friend. In fact, be very suspicious of the test writer. They have had a lot of time to craft the specific words used in creating this test. Take them at their word and read each word EXACTLY as the word is written.


#5. Be careful with definition. The State Board Written Exam for Estheticians has some horribly worded questions with tricky words that were chosen to mess you up. Be especially careful with ambiguous words. You will usually come down to a choice between two answers based on what the meaning actually is of a specific word. Take your time and try to determine if there are any disqualifying words in the rest of the sentence.


#6. Check Your Numbers. Make sure that you are answering the answer number that corresponds with the question number. Check your test every 5 or every 10 answers just to make sure that you haven't skipped any questions. If you get to question #84 and you're filling in the circle for answer #85, where did you first go wrong? No idea? Back to question #1 for you. If you match up your question number and your answer number every few questions, and you mess up, you'll only have to go back a few answers to get back on track instead of the entire test.


#7. Clear Your Head. If you have any worries, some issue that is intruding into your thoughts that may affect your test results, take care of that issue before you get to the test site. If you got lost looking the the testing location, clear that out of your mind. You're there, you made it, get rid of the stress. Take a few deep breaths and relax your mind. Decide that you are going to pass this exam long before you arrive at the testing location. This is a question by question endeavor, one answer at a time. 

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