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MetrOasis Signature Facial

The MetrOasis Signature Facial is one of the most popular facial treatments that we offer and is a great place to start if you're not sure what you want to achieve or what modalities work the best on your particular skin and that you like the most.

This facial includes:

* hand massage

* paraffin hand-dip

* facial cleansing treatment with SalonParisian Cleanser

* ultrasonic deconstruction treatment

* toner treatment with SalonParisian Cucumber Toner

* facial massage

* serum treatment with SalonParisian Triple Berry Vitamin C Serum


* moisturizer treatment with SalonParisian DMAE Smoothing Creme

* mask treatment

* galvanic or micrucurrent treatment (depending on skin condition)

* acne extractions (if needed)

*either 450NM light therapy or high-frequency (client's choice).

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